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Who should contribute?

We encourage participation from

  • recent migrants from the Philippines,
  • first, second, third, fourth... generation Filipino Americans,
  • spouses and adopted children of Filipino Americans,
  • anyone else who considers themselves part of the Filipino community.

What to contribute?

Contribute items and information related to Filipino Americans in Louisiana, including

  • photographs,
  • recipes,
  • immigration documents,
  • birth certificates,
  • death certificates and obituaries,
  • family tree,
  • summary of events (community, historical, political, etc.),
  • community newsletters,
  • any other document, image, or information that adds to the story of Filipino Americans in Louisiana.

Contribute to Archive

Think of the archive as a scrapbook for images and documents.

Archive Do's

  • Contribute family photographs and documents that relate to your family.
  • Contribute community document, but make sure you give credit to authors and the organization.
  • Contribute obituaries.

Archive Don'ts

  • Contribute copyrighted material from mass media.
  • Contribute professional photographs that you do not own.
  • Contribute photographs that contain nudity.

Getting Started with Archive

  • Explore artifacts (images and documents) in the archive.
  • Identify artifacts you want to contribute.
  • Request a login account.
  • Read the tutorial.

Contribute to Wiki

Think of the wiki as an encyclopedia for Filipinos in Louisiana.

Wiki Do's

  • Share your family's story.
  • Share your community groups story.
  • Create a page for your family.
  • Complete stories/information that others have started.
  • Research and write historical events or political actions that impacted Filipinos in Louisiana.
  • Cite all of your sources. If you find information on another site, link to it. If you find it in a book, give us the publication information.

Wiki Don'ts

  • Change information from groups you don't belong to without discussing with group members first.

Getting Started with Wiki

  • Explore the wiki.
  • Identify information you want to contribute.
  • Read the tutorial.
  • Sign-up for the wiki.