The Hidden Ingredient by Gil Angelo Anfone, winner of Filipinos at Work Category for FAHM 2016.
The Hidden Ingredient by Gil Angelo Anfone, winner of “Filipinos at Work” Category for FAHM 2016 Photography Contest.

Our photographs and documents are too often left unattended in attics or, as is often the case in South Louisiana, lost to storms. The Filipino La. Exhibit collects digital photographs, videos, audio, oral histories, and documents that help tell the story of Filipinos in Louisiana. It allows us to tell our story and preserve our history.

The Filipino La. Exhibit collects and shares digital media in three spaces:

  • YouTube channel for the collection of video.
  • Photo gallery for community photographs.
  • Archive for photographs, videos, oral histories, and documents of cultural and historical significance.

YouTube Channel

The Filipino La.YouTube Channel aims to collect videos that help us document community activities and share knowledge about community events and Filipino Louisiana history and culture.

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Photo Gallery

The Filipino La. Photo Gallery collects community photos related to the work of Filipino La. and Filipino Organizations. Community members interested in sharing images should contact us to gain access to the gallery.

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Gonzales Family Adobo Seasoning Recipe.
Gonzales Family Adobo Seasoning Recipe.

The Filipino La. Archive stores cultural artifacts like photographs, oral histories, recipes, and home movies related to the life of Filipinos in Louisiana.

Community members are encouraged to submit digital items for the archive. We are looking for

  1. Scanned documents like family recipes and naturalization certificates.
  2. Digital copies of brochures, programs, flyers, etc. from community events.
  3. Oral history recordings and/or transcripts.
  4. Photographs of 1) Filipinos who settled in Louisiana,2) community gatherings, and 3) physical artifacts like lockets or paintings.

Submissions to the archive require details about the digital media. Photographs might reside in both the gallery and archive, but those in the gallery will generally offer more details about the photograph and the situation.

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