St. Malo Marker

News Coverage of St. Malo Marker Unveiling

The Philippine Louisiana Historical Society unveiled the St. Malo Historical Marker Saturday November 9th.

Watch TFC Balitang America’s coverage of the event.

TFC Balitang America covered the Unveiling of the St. Malo Historical Marker.
TFC Balitang America Newsbreak provides an overview of the Marker Unveiling.

Read “From Manila to the Marigny: How Philippine Pioneers Left a Mark at the ‘End of the World’ in New Orleans.” In the build-up to the event, a number of news organizations wrote about St. Malo. Very Local New Orleans took the extra step and wrote profiles on a few Filipinos in Louisiana.

Listen to Long Distance Radio for stories on the Filipino diaspora. Paola Mardo from Long Distance Radio attended the unveiling and gala. She conducted a number of interviews, which you will be able to soon.

Visit the St. Malo Historical Marker at the Los Isleños Museum Complex at 1345 Bayou Road, St. Bernard, LA

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