Filipino La.

Archive of Filipino Louisiana

Documentation of the history and culture of Filipino communities in Louisiana

Filipino La. Archive stores cultural artifacts like photographs, oral histories, recipes, and home movies related to the life of Filipinos in Louisiana.

How can I contribute?

  1. Introduce us to your Filipino community.
  2. Share your family stories.
  3. Share your scanned documents like recipes and naturalization certificates.
  4. Share your photographs of 1) Filipinos who settled in Louisiana, 2) community gatherings, and 3) physical artifacts like lockets or paintings.

Recently Added Items

Brochures for Manila Village and Clark Cheniere Markers.

Manila Village Marker Brochure.pdf

Two brochures that summarize the history of Manila Village. The brochures were developed for events to unveil the markers.

Child on Manila Bay Wharf (1941)

Estall Maxima Melendez 1941 Manila Village.jpg

Estrella Maxima Melendez, daughter of Catalino Decena Melendez and Gertrude Marie L Melendez, on the wharf at Manila Bay.

Manila Village Remains (1987)

Manila Village 80s 1.png

Remains of Manila Village in 1987. Photos taken on an excursion by Ruth Limjuco and company to visit the site.


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