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PLHS Celebrates Philippine Independence.png
One-side of a tabletop informational display. The content connects Philippine Independence to Filipinos in Louisiana.

FEFL Assembly 2016 Entertainment Dance.jpg


FEFL Assembly 2016 Entertainment.jpg
Three photographs from FEFL Gala 2016 showing different types of entertainment: photo booth, live music, and dance.

FEFL Assembly 2016 Awards.jpg
Three photographs from FEFL Assembly and Gala

APP Indepndence Day 1998 Program.pdf
Program from Association of Philippine Physicians in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast 1998 conference in New Orleans that celebrated the centennial of Philippine Independence from Spain.

PLHS officers and members involved in the program, list of Filipino descendants attending, and minutes of preparation meeting.

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Republic of Philippines Consul Invitation (2).pdf
Flyer, invitation, and press release promoting the St. Malo Marker Unveiling.

Bayan Ko Independence Day Program 2022.pdf
Program outlining speaker lineup and activities for the event. Programs were distributed at the flag ceremony and placed on the tables at the reception.

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Independence Day Flyer Lafitte 2022.jpeg
Invitation distributed through social media to invite the community to attend the June 4, 2022 event to celebrate Philippine Independence.

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Manila Village Marker Brochure.pdf
Two brochures that summarize the history of Manila Village. The brochures were developed for events to unveil the markers.

Dedication of Manila Village Plaza.pdf
Dedication documentation includes the official program,

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Request for Citizenship Papers 1940 1.png
Letter written by Miguel Guillera, proprietor of the Philipino Colony Bar and Refreshment Co., to the US Navy regarding his citizenship status.

St Malo essay in hidden_voices_asian_americans_and_pacific_islanders_in_united_states_history.pdf
Chapter in New York City textbook: Introduction to Hidden Voices: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in United States History

Estall Maxima Melendez 1941 Manila Village.jpg
Estrella Maxima Melendez, daughter of Catalino Decena Melendez and Gertrude Marie L Melendez, on the wharf at Manila Bay.

Clark Cheniere Marker unveiling ceremony at the Town of Jean Lafitte, June 30, 2013.

FAHM Event at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park in the French Quarter. The event included cooking demos by Kim Samaniego and a history exhibit by Dr. Randy Gonzales.

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Event ticket, program and invitation letter that describes the purpose of FEFL and the event.

St Malo Gala.pdf
Promotion for two events sponsored by PLHS for FAHM 2023: blessing of bricks placed around St. Malo marker and evening gala.

Dried Shrimp Recipebook Cover.jpg
Recipe booklet used to promote local uses for dried shrimp.

Foodways Project FAQ.png
FAQ outlining the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society foodway project and the partnership with the Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

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