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Miguel Guillera Family

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Miguel Guillera Family


Miguel Guillera migrated to the United States in 1908, joining the US Navy. A messboy on the USS Kansas, Miguel traveled the globe and at some point connected with his future wife Florence Timpson of England. Florence came to the US via Ellis Island to marry Miguel. They married and had six children (Anita, Vincent, Howard, Fe Fe, Evelyn, and Doris). They moved to New Orleans in the twenties on the advice of a Filipino who said that there were lots of jobs in the city (reported by Evelyn).

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Miguel (Michael) Guillera
The 1910 Census on USS Kansas includes a number of Filipinos including Miguel Guillera.

Florence Timpson Guillera
Florence boarded the Amerika in Southhampton to emigrate to the United States and marry Miguel Guillera. In New Orleans, Florence, like her husband, was involved with the Filipino Community. A 1936 Times-Picayune article, lists her as an organizer of…

Guillera Sisters
Photograph of the elder Guillera sisters, Evelyn, Fe Fe, and Anita.

Miguel Guillera to US Navy (Philipino Colony Bar)
Letter written by Miguel Guillera, proprietor of the Philipino Colony Bar and Refreshment Co., to the US Navy regarding his citizenship status.
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