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Gonzalez/s Family

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Gonzalez/s Family


Gonzalez/s family collection includes resources related to Enrique Gonzalez, Evelyn Guillera Gonzales Planchard, and their children.

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Evelyn Guillera Gonzales with Children
Evelyn Guillera Gonzales with three children Ronald (Ronnie), Diane, and Howard. Photograph was taken in the family home by a professional photographer. The photograph was taken to be sent to the Philippines to the Gonzalez family (reported by Diane…

Enrique (Snake) Villagracia Gonzalez
The first picture is of Enrique Gonzalez at his Naturalization ceremony in 1947. Enrique Gonzalez became a naturalized citizen after living in the United States for close to twenty years.

Gonzales Children
Howard, Ronnie, and Diane are the children of Evelyn Guillera Gonzales Planchard and Enrique Gonzales. They grew up in New Orleans and spent most of their lives in Louisiana.

Howard and Ronnie Gonzales
Studio photograph of Howard and Ronnie Gonzales in 1940.

Gonzales New Orleans Recreation Department Football
Ronald Gonzales with C.J. Thiel and another teammate. In this working class community, there weren't many resources for equipment. Thiel reported that the helmets looked like leather, but were actually made of cardboard.

Gonzales played Pee-Wee…

Gonzalez Family in Phillippines
Photograph of Enrique's parents and siblings taken during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. The photograph was sent to Evelyn after Enrique and Evelyn split up. It was sent twice, once in 1948 and another time in 1950. Both times, Minoy…

Ronald Gonzales Nichols High Football
Ronald Gonzales was a running back for Nichols High School. The picture highlights the size disparity between the large lineman and the smaller Filipino American running back. The Times-Picayuane described Ronald as a "speedster."

Diane Gonzales
Diane Gonzales

Enrique and Siblings in Philippines
Enrique returned to Philippines in 1970 and took this photograph with his siblings. His parents had passed away and several brothers were living in the United States.
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