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Ronald under Center.jpg
Ronald Gonzales was a running back for Nichols High School. The picture highlights the size disparity between the large lineman and the smaller Filipino American running back. The Times-Picayuane described Ronald as a "speedster."

Ronald Gonzales with C.J. Thiel and another teammate. In this working class community, there weren't many resources for equipment. Thiel reported that the helmets looked like leather, but were actually made of cardboard.

Gonzales played Pee-Wee…

Ronnie Gonzales coaching his son Eddie and his nephew David Thiel (the son of his cousin Caggy Guillera ___ Theil). The playground was an important part of community life in working class New Orleans for most of the 20th century. Ronnie whose…

Photograph of Enrique's parents and siblings taken during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. The photograph was sent to Evelyn after Enrique and Evelyn split up. It was sent twice, once in 1948 and another time in 1950. Both times, Minoy…

Enrique returned to Philippines in 1970 and took this photograph with his siblings. His parents had passed away and several brothers were living in the United States.

Guillera Girls.jpg
Photograph of the elder Guillera sisters, Evelyn, Fe Fe, and Anita.

Florence Timpson 1910 17yrs..jpg
Florence boarded the Amerika in Southhampton to emigrate to the United States and marry Miguel Guillera. In New Orleans, Florence, like her husband, was involved with the Filipino Community. A 1936 Times-Picayune article, lists her as an organizer of…

Enrique Gonzales Citizenship.jpg
The first picture is of Enrique Gonzalez at his Naturalization ceremony in 1947. Enrique Gonzalez became a naturalized citizen after living in the United States for close to twenty years.

Evelyn Gonzales Planchard posing.jpg

Teen Ronald 17.bmp

Standard contract document used by the cemetery.

2016 FAHM Symposium Program.pdf
Program for the 2016 FAHM Symposium at Xavier University.

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2016 FAHM Mass Program.pdf
Program for FAHM mass at the Town of Lafitte. The program lists Filipino Louisiana residents who had passed and indicates those that lived at Manila Village.

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Unveiling of the Historical Mural at Filipino American History Month Symposium October 8, 2016, Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Speakers: Robert Romero, Consul, a.h.
Philippine Honorary Consulate – Louisiana; The Honorable Generoso D. G.…
"'There has to be Lechon': A Celebration in the Filipino Community" is a short ethnographic film focusing on a Filipino community that gathered occasionally to attend services and social events in Talisheek, Louisiana, the home of Pastor Lito who…
Presentation of the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Mural at Filipino American History Month Symposium October 8, 2016, Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Conclusion includes a short time-lapse video created by the Durian…
Durian Collective video showing the creation of the the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Mural. Dr. Almira Astudillo Gilles presented the mural to Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society at Filipino American History Month Symposium at Xavier…

St Malo Final Script Shipping and Order Letter.pdf
Approval of final text for the St. Malo historical maker by the State of Louisiana

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Proclamation from St. Bernard Parish government declaring October 2021 Filipino American History Month.

Elks Mardi Gras Entry.jpg
The application for the Filipino Community to enter the inaugural Elks Krewe of Orleanians Mardi Gras parade. Application submitted by Miguel Guillera as president of the New Orleans chapter of the Grand Lodge Cabelloros de Dimas Alang.
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