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Guillera Girls.jpg
Photograph of the elder Guillera sisters, Evelyn, Fe Fe, and Anita.

Standard contract document used by the cemetery.

Studio photograph of Howard and Ronnie Gonzales in 1940.

Manila Village 80s 1.png
Remains of Manila Village in 1987. Photos taken on an excursion by Ruth Limjuco and company to visit the site.

1910 census miguel USS Kansas.jpg
The 1910 Census on USS Kansas includes a number of Filipinos including Miguel Guillera.

Request for Citizenship Papers 1940 1.png
Letter written by Miguel Guillera, proprietor of the Philipino Colony Bar and Refreshment Co., to the US Navy regarding his citizenship status.

Independence Day (24 × 36 in).pdf
Set of 3 posters to introduce Philippine Independence to a public audience in Louisiana. Posters focus on the history of Philippine Independence and its impact on Filipinos in Louisiana.

PLHS Celebrates Philippine Independence.png
One-side of a tabletop informational display. The content connects Philippine Independence to Filipinos in Louisiana.

paksiw recipe.png
Recipe card from Ronald Gonzales. Card is recipe for pinocino, a dish known in the Philippines as paksiw.


St Malo Gala.pdf
Promotion for two events sponsored by PLHS for FAHM 2023: blessing of bricks placed around St. Malo marker and evening gala.

PLHS Join Us.png
Flyer that gives overview of PLHS events and asks for membership.


PLHS officers and members involved in the program, list of Filipino descendants attending, and minutes of preparation meeting.

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Presentation of the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Mural at Filipino American History Month Symposium October 8, 2016, Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Conclusion includes a short time-lapse video created by the Durian…

Republic of Philippines Consul Invitation (2).pdf
Flyer, invitation, and press release promoting the St. Malo Marker Unveiling.

Promotional materials for 2019 Independence day festivities in Lafitte, La. Includes a press release and a flyer.

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Teen Ronald 17.bmp

Ronald under Center.jpg
Ronald Gonzales was a running back for Nichols High School. The picture highlights the size disparity between the large lineman and the smaller Filipino American running back. The Times-Picayuane described Ronald as a "speedster."

Program to unveil the St. Malo historical marker in 2019

St Malo Final Script Shipping and Order Letter.pdf
Approval of final text for the St. Malo historical maker by the State of Louisiana

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St Malo essay in hidden_voices_asian_americans_and_pacific_islanders_in_united_states_history.pdf
Chapter in New York City textbook: Introduction to Hidden Voices: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in United States History
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