FAHM 2016 Photo Contest

Filipino American History Month Photo Contest

As part of Filipino American History Month 2016 and the Filipino American History Symposium at Xavier University on October 8th, we are hosting a photo contest. We want to see Filipino American community life through the eyes of the local Filipino community.

Theme: Filipino Louisiana

Deadline: September 15, 2016 October 1, 2016

Snap a photo that explores being Filipino in Louisiana. Take photographs at home, at work, or in the community. How can you tell the story of your life in Louisiana with a photograph? Think about how Filipino culture blends with Louisiana culture in your recipes, homelife, workplace, and community life.


  • Filipino American Community— Snap a photograph at community events. Think about how your photograph represents the community.
  • Filipino Life in a Louisiana Landscape— How does the Louisiana landscape impact your family or social life? Photos at local festivals, on the bayou, at Mardi Gras, in your backyard, etc.
  • Filipino Louisiana Garden/Food— What happens when you cook Filipino food in Louisiana? What does a Filipino garden look like in a Louisiana backyard? These photos may contain people, but can be focused on food or plants.
  • Filipinos at Work— Take a photograph of Filipinos at work. Take your camera to your workplace. Is their visual evidence of a Filipino influence at your workplace? Your photograph does not have to include people.

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  • The contest is open to anyone affiliated with the Filipino American community in Louisiana.
  • We will have two categories: students up to 18 years of age and adults.

[toggle title=”How will winners be chosen?”]

  • Photographs will be judged on artistic and visual appeal, and exploration of the theme Filipino Louisiana.
  • Natural (not posed) photographs of people are preferred.
  • A jury of artists, photographers, and experts of Filipino culture and/or Louisiana culture will determine the winners.
  • Winners will be chosen for student and adult winners in each category.

[toggle title=”What do winners receive?”]

  • Winners will be recognized at the Filipino American History Month Gala at the Kenner Airport Hilton, October 8, 2016.
  • Winning photographs will be displayed at the Filipino American History Symposium at Xavier Convocation Annex Center, October 8, 2016 and online at Filipinola.com.
  • All other entries will be archived at Filipinola.com.
  • Other prizes may be available, but will depend on our sponsors.

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  • Enter by emailing your photographs and the photo contest submission form to randygon1@gmail.com.
  • Photographers are allowed to submit two photos for each category.
  • Each entry should be accompanied by a photo contest submission form (see below).
  • Each photo should be submitted in a common digital format, preferably jpg or png.

Please note: if you submit a photograph, you must have obtained parental/guardian permission from anyone under 18 who appears in your photograph. It is important to get permission from anyone who appears in your photography submission, as these photos will appear online.


[toggle title=”Your Rights”]
Your photographs help us, Filipinola.com and FAHM 2016, document the life of Filipinos in Louisiana. Thank you for helping to further our mission through your photography.

You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit. If you submit a photograph to enter the the contest, you grant Filipinola.com a royalty-free, nonexclusive right to:

  • Display the photograph on the contest website.
  • Allow third-parties to share the photograph on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Use the photograph on the Internet and in Social Media in support of our mission.
  • Use the photograph for academic work including books, documentary films, and photography exhibits.
  • Retain a digital copy of your photograph to archive at Filipinola.com.

We will credit be credited as the photographer of the work in all online and print media.

[toggle title=”Photo Contest Submission Form”]

Enter by submitting the following form and your photographs to randygon1@gmail.com.

Copy the following form and paste it into your email submission or attach download this submission form and attach to your submission.

About the Photographer


If you belong to a Filipino community organization(s), which one(s)?

Are you a student (18 years old or younger) or adult?

With your submission, you are making the following declarations:

[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] I declare that I am the photographer and sole owner of the photograph(s) submitted.
[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] I declare that I have secured rights from guardians of all minors present in the photograph(s).
[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok”] I declare that I have read the “Your Rights” section of the contest guidelines.

Your Photographs

Submit the following for each photograph you are entering in the contest. You can submit two photographs in each category, for a total of eight photographs.

Title of photograph:

Describe the photograph:

Where was the photo taken?
When was the photo taken?
Who are the people in the photograph?
Which thematic category does the photograph belong? Delete those that do not apply.

  • Filipino American Community
  • Filipino Life in a Louisiana Landscape
  • Filipino Louisiana Garden/Food
  • Filipinos at Work


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