Filipino Culinary Collection @ SoFAB Research Center

The Southern Food and Beverage Research Center at Nunez Community College has a collection of culinary books related to Filipino and Filipino American cooking. The collection includes books published in the Philippines that can be difficult to find in the United States. You can find the collection on the second floor of the Boyd Library located at the Nunez Community College, 3710 Paris Rd, Chalmette, LA.

The following is a partial list of the books that are available at the Research Center.

Alehandro, Rynaldo G. The Philippine Cookbook. Perigree Books. 1985.

Alvendia, Mona Pacheco. Kuseng Morong.  Likas Morong, Inc. 

Balgoma, Gladdish H. ed. Cookbook ng Mga Putahe ng Kakaning Pilipino. Amos Books, 2010.

Cariño- Fangloy, Judy.  Heirloom Recipes of the Cordillera. Philippine Task Force for Indigenous People’s Rights. 2019.

Comsti, Angelo. Also Filipino 75 Regional Dishes I Never Had Growing UP. RPD Publications, 2019.

Daza, Nora V. A Culinary Life Personal Recipe Collection. Anvil Publishing. 1992.

Daza, Nora V. Let’s Cook With Nora. Anvil, 2020. 

Eslao- Alix, Louella. Hikay The Culinary Heritage of Cebu. University of San Carlos Press. 2013.

Fernandez, Doreen G. Tikim: Essays on Philippine Food and Culture. Brill, 2021. 

General, Honesto C. The Coconut Cookery of Bicol. Bookmark, 1994. 

Gonzalez, Gene. The Little Philippine Bar Book. Anvil, 2001. Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series.

Gonzalez, Gene. The Little Coconut Book. Anvil, 2008. Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series.

Gonzalez, Gene. The Little Egg Book. Anvil, 2008. Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series.

Gonzalez, Gene. The Little Rice Book. Anvil, 2008. Pinoy Classic Cuisine Series.

Gonzalez, Gene. Cocina Sulipeña: Culinary Gems from Old Pampanga. Bookmark, 1993. 

Gonzalez, Gene. Philippine Breads. Anvil, 2017.

Guzman, Gloria Villaraza. Mga Lutong Bahay. Anvil, 2006.

Karasa Celebrating Catbalogan’s Culinary Traditions.

Ramos, Ige.  Republic Taste The Untold Stories of Cavite Cuisine. Ige Ramos Design Studio, 2018. 

Ramos, Ige. Dila at Bandila: Search for the National Palate of the Philippines. Anvil, 2022.

Reyes, Teresita “Mama Sita.” Mama Sita’s Home-Style Recipes. msita.com , 2010.

Santa Maria, Felice Prudente. What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food. Adama House, 2017. 

Santa Maria, Felice Prudente. Kain Na! /Let’s Eat An Illustrative Guide to Philippine Food. RPD Publications, 2019. 

Santa Maria, Felice Prudente. Pigafetta’s Philippine Picnic. National Historical Commission of the Philippines, 2021. 

Savellani, DV and Sison, Heny. Naimas! The Food Heritage of Ilocos Sur. Sanicua Publication, 2015.

Staub, Patricia Arroyo. The Science of Philippine Foods.  Patricia Arroyo T. Staub, 1996. 

Tan, James Galvez and Tan, Ma. Rebecca Galvez. Medicinal Fruits, Vegetables and Spices. JZGalvezTan Health Associates, 2018.

Tayag, Claude. Food Tour: A Culinary Journey. Anvil, 2006.

Torres, Jose Victor Z. What Kapitan Tiago Served and Padre Damaso Ate., Bughaw, 2021. Studies on Jose Rizal, His World, and His Works.

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