Bricks for St. Malo

The Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society is raising funds with the “Bricks for St. Malo” fundraising project. The campaign is an opportunity for community members to support the work of the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating the rich history of Filipinos in Louisiana.

St. Malo Marker

For a $100 dollar donation, you can purchase a 2x4x8 brick that will be part of a patio built around the St. Malo historical marker. You can personalize the brick so that you or a loved one will be forever associated with the historical marker and the Filipino settlement at St. Malo. Purchase your brick by going to the “Bricks for St. Malo” form.

The St. Malo marker is located at the Los Isleños Museum Complex, 1345 Bayou Road, St. Bernard, LA. The patio will be constructed by the annual Filipino American History Month celebration held at the marker.

To learn more about St. Malo and the history of the marker go to our St. Malo page.

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