News Coverage of St. Malo Marker Unveiling

St. Malo Marker

The Philippine Louisiana Historical Society unveiled the St. Malo Historical Marker Saturday November 9th. Watch TFC Balitang America’s coverage of the event. Read “From Manila to the Marigny: How Philippine Pioneers Left a Mark at the ‘End of the World’ Read More …

Unveiling of St. Malo Historical Marker

To officially commemorate the first permanent Filipino settlement in the United States, the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society will host the unveiling of a historical marker for St. Malo on November 9, 2019. The St. Malo Marker will be the second Louisiana Read More …

Brief History of Filipino Communities in La.

The document is distributed at events catering to the Filipino American community. It provides a brief history of the Filipino Community in Louisiana, highlighting our consistent presence and encouraging involvement in Filipino American community organizations, including the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society.